Local companies and technicians offer courses in ‘enhancing’ your personal style

Next time you consider asking your mother for beauty advice or consulting the how-to section of Cosmo, why not try one of the many courses offered around Calgary? You might actually learn something.

A variety of companies in Calgary are coming up with courses, workshops and seminars all designed to teach the uninformed beauty-to-be a few lessons on looking good. Two of these companies are Artists Within School of Makeup, and Chic Studios.

Artists Within School of Makeup is located on 11th Avenue S.W. (in the same building as The King & I). Although it is a full-blown beauty school, Artists Within offers a variety of options for those just looking for a little help.

“Everyone is beautiful!” says Debbie Lee, the school’s administrative director. “The beauty is already there, we’re just here to enhance it.”

The school’s main seminar is the Styling and Image Consulting. There are also Teen Tuesdays, and many other specialized courses, like Creative Thinking and even Drag Makeup.

The Styling and Image consulting Seminar is a one-day “informative, fun and fresh look at how to enhance your personal style with makeup, hair and clothing.” Aside from the basics, the technicians work with you accordingly, catering to your features, face shape, colouring, and lifestyle. The wardrobe stylists teach students how to “put your wardrobe together, how to dress for your body shape, [and] for your lifestyle.”

According to Lee, it is a cosmopolitan city that is very conscious of beauty, fitness, and “women here take care of themselves, put more effort into themselves.” If you don’t already put the effort in, why not learn?

Now don’t let Carly Simon’s “You’re so Vain” run through your head quite yet. It’s important to the company that the clients “feel really good about themselves when they leave,” says Lee.

This is where Chic Studios comes in. It’s located in Mount Royal Plaza off 17th Avenue SW. Don’t let the super-trendy initial impression (and fabulous red faux-fur rugs) deceive you – Chic studios seems to focus on inner beauty and wellness just as much as, if not more than, outer beauty.

Owner and makeup artist, Amy Nicole, notes that this business is “not a one day fix” and it focuses on “healing and changes.” Though Chic Studios is all things beauty, it is important to “acknowledge overall health as well”.

The All Things Beauty workshop includes a day of: makeup tips and techniques, personal training, personal style (including “ideas to suit every body”), weight and lifestyle management, nutrition, and overall health and wellness.