After a day of skiing, sledding or just hanging out outside, a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a little snack seems like the perfect way to warm up. Finding the right place, however, can be tough – especially if you’re trying to cater to people of different ages with different tastes.

Evelyn’s Coffee Bar in Banff has three locations; so, regardless of which direction you’re coming from, it’s an easy stop. They’ve got a great selection of cookies, cakes, sandwiches, soups and salads to choose from, allowing you to just warm up with a snack or have a quick lunch. The hot chocolate or milk steamers are great for kids, while their café lattes and mochaccinos are yummy for adults. As for food, their impressive selection of cookies is delectable, though the Health Sandwich (cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, light mayo, hummus and cheese) is a bit of a healthier alternative!

In Canmore, Beamer’s Coffee Bar is arguably the favourite local spot for all things coffee. It also has two locations, making it very convenient to pop in and grab a drink and a snack after hanging out in the snow. Their drink menu is extensive, and there is definitely something to satisfy anyone’s taste. Beamer’s hot chocolate and hot cider (which comes in apple, cranberry and raspberry) are good choices for kids, while the café breve latte is a delicious treat for the coffee lover. Their matcha latte is a nice alternative to coffee, as it has less caffeine and all the health benefits of Japanese green tea; but if you’re in the market for just a good old cuppa joe, try Beamer’s drip coffee. Their food selection is also delightful, with a nice selection of baked goods, sandwiches and salads. Definitely worth the trip: Beamer’s health muffins (heavy, moist and chock full of sunflower, pumpkin and poppy seeds), breakfast parfait, and the Grassi Lakes veggie sandwich.

Hanging around Calgary? Try Kawa (or its sister location in Cochrane, Java Jamboree), located in the heart of downtown. Kawa, pronounced “ka-va” is a bit of an experience in itself: it’s spacious, crisp and beautifully decorated. It also has some of the best coffee you’ll ever drink. Once again, the kids will adore the hot chocolate (you just can’t go wrong with hot chocolate!), but there’s also a great selection of teas and smoothies at Java Jamboree, and jet teas at Kawa to pick from. For the coffee loving adult: the espressos and macchiatos are scrumptious! Both locations also have a number of baked goods and lunch options, and their scones (ask to get them heated) are fantastic.

Next time you’re out and about, looking for a place to warm up/thaw out, check out one of these great places and grab a coffee or another one of their delicious beverages and a snack. Try to experiment with new drinks, and encourage your kids to try new things, too! Though hot chocolate is always a great choice, there’s no harm in trying something new like cider, steamed milk or even some tea (many kids like the fruity, smooth flavour in rooibos tea). So go ahead – warm up, try something new, and enjoy!